Welcome to the mini-sizer community! We love Re-ment in the 1:12 world, but we don't always know if it will be the right size. I started this wiki in an effort to track Re-ment sets for me and any willing 1:12 aficionados, and I hope it grows into a fun and informative resource.

Please use and contribute to this mini-sizer so that we can create something accurate and comprehensive. You will see a side navigation with various categories. You may want to poke around and search to see what others have contributed, and then consult the Style Sheet before adding any content. Actual "hands-on" experience and full names of the sets and the respective number are greatly appreciated. Photos of the pieces in 1:12 settings and with rulers for size are encouraged! Be creative in your contributions -- we like when you re-purpose larger Re-ment!

Some guidelines:
Please refer to the Style Sheet and help section for assistance in adding content to the pages, especially if you are not familiar with wikis. Please do not edit the side navigation; if you would like to suggest a new menu item, please email me first and I will add it. Please note that I may edit your contribution for consistency and style. Also, please include a link to your blog, webpage, or photostream so that I can credit you as appropriate. THANKS!

I also track Re-ment in my blog . Check it out.

Please write with ideas, suggestions, idea is too small! :)